Home Security Tips and Ideas
Security While You Are Away
Help your home avoid unwanted attention while you are on vacation using automated lights
that you set to turn on every night through your automation system, creating the illusion that
someone is home. A ringing phone with no answer hints to passers-by that the home is
vacant, so turn the ringer of your home phone to the lowest setting while you are away.
Additionally, never leave notes on the door for vendors notifying them of your absence.
Another way to increase residential security is to avoid keeping a spare key outside since the
most popular hiding places are common knowledge.
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Carbon monoxide detectors and heat/smoke detectors are essential devices that require
regular upkeep. Change the batteries of your sensors during every Daylight Savings Time
switch for an easy reminder to ensure they are in good working order for the next six months.
Dust and lint buildup can interfere with the effectiveness of your sensors, so clean them
regularly to ensure maximum effectiveness. For even greater security, use automated security
equipment, such as automated heat/smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, that sends
frequent status updates to your control panel and automatically notifies a monitoring center if
you are absent or unable to attend to a sounding alarm.
The Mailbox
Your mailbox is an important, but often overlooked aspect of home and personal security,
containing a wealth of information in both your ingoing and outgoing mail. Send sensitive
information and personal checks through the post office rather than your mailbox, and use a
locked mailbox if possible.
Power Outages
Home security solutions for power outages help you keep your family safe even when the
lights go out. Phone lines are normally still functional during power outages, so maintain a
corded, non-electric phone for these instances. Keep emergency supplies, such as
flashlights, water, food and prescription medications easily accessible in case of a power
outage or other emergency. Lastly, ensure that all security systems are equipped with
backup battery power to discourage opportunists.

Security devices, such as video cameras, motion-sensing alarms and automated door locks,
are important components of a secure home. However, these often-overlooked homeowner
security tips add an even greater level of personal and residential security, especially when
combined with your existing Florida State Guard Services Protection.
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