Florida State Guard Security Service, LLC., (hereinafter “Florida State Guard”) is a security
service and will from time to time refer contractors who have been screened, consistent with
Florida State Guard’s program, to be considered by the requesting business owner,
homeowner, or the homeowner’s agent (hereinafter all three are called “the homeowner” or
“homeowners”), to accomplish a job that the homeowner has described in an online request
or to a representative of Florida State Guard.

Any arrangements made, or contracts negotiated, are strictly between the homeowner and
the contractor. Homeowners requesting referrals understand that the contractors referred
are independent of Florida State Guard, and are in no way Florida State Guard’s agents or
employees. The homeowner agrees to satisfy himself or herself that the contractor meets
the standards he or she requires. The homeowner hereby holds Florida State Guard
harmless from any default, damage, injury or expense arising out of the work performed by
a contractor referred by Florida State Guard and hired by the homeowner.
Terms and Conditions
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