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Where are you located?
Our head office is located at 840 3rd Ave S, St Petersburg, FL 33701
Are you licensed to provide security guard services in Florida?
Yes, we are a licensed, bonded, and insured security guard agency. Our operating license is
clearly displayed at our office.
What is uniquely different about your company that separates
you from the rest?
Our security agency is the only firm that moves forward with technology to better serve our
clients and to keep our men and women safer than ever. Others claim to keep up with
technology and revolutionize how security is conducted only to equip their guards with a pen
and flashlight. Our guards on the other hand will clearly demonstrate the innovations we have to
offer to better our tactics and serve our customer smarter, faster, more efficient, and most of all,
safer than ever.
How do you ensure accurate reports and good conduct from
your security guards?
Florida State Guard is one of the fewest security guard companies that utilize electronic report
writing using company issued computers. And since every company issued computer can be
remotely viewed by our management, we can instantly view every security guard's report in real
time, critique their reports, and even engage in video conferencing with our security guards to
ensure that they are in compliance with company and client protocols. Video telephony is used to
perform "virtual spot checks." Their attire, reports, and site specific matters can easily be
addressed immediately by two way video telephony.
What do you do to ensure all of your security guards are up to
date on training?
Florida State Guard has a comprehensive training matrix for all of its employees. They are often
given refresher courses every six months to ensure that their skills and expertise are up to date.
Tests are given out and are stored in the respective files for reference. Memorandums are issued
to each security guard once a new development is implemented. Strict protocols are issued to
each security guard in the event of a fire, natural disaster, bomb threat, or terrorist threat to
prevent and/or minimize property damage and civilian injuries.

We also provide our security guards refresher courses for first aid, CPR, and AED defibrillator
use. This training is free of charge for our employees.
How much does your services cost?
Billing rates are determined on a case to case basis. Some factors that determine a billing rate
are location, duration of required services, hours of coverage, and industry type. We guarantee
that you will get the most VALUE for your money. However, that does not necessarily always
equate to the lowest priced quote. Generally we come out on top as the most cost effective, but
not always. In those cases where we aren't, we strongly advise anyone who has received a lower
quote than ours to look at the overall picture before making an informative decision. Educate
yourself on what you are getting for what price, and remember: You are hiring security to protect
your property and people. Choosing a security firm based on the lowest price and nothing else
can net very negative results, such as poor employee retention, lack of effort on the job, etc.
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