Benefits of Hiring Security Guards
Whether you operate a large commercial building in the downtown area, or a resort on the
beach, one of your primary goals as a business owner should be to ensure the safety of your
employees and clients. Similar to the feeling of seeing police cars late at night or having an
alarm system for your home, having security guards protecting your business will put you and
your clients at ease.
Crime Prevention
Did you know that just by having a security guard walk around your premises, potential
perpetrators often decide against conducting criminal behaviors? The mere presence of a
security guard can provide a strong message that a business is highly protected and ready to
be defended if necessary.
Customer Assistance
Depending on the type of business you own, it’s possible that your hired security guards will
interact with customers on a daily basis. In department store settings, for example, shoppers
often ask security guards where certain products are located. Security guards can also walk
your employees or customers to their cars in the evenings or during overnight hours.
Surveillance & Monitoring
While our initial vision of security guards might be people guarding the doors of commercial
properties or watchfully looking over large crowds at special events, not all security guards
are visible when working. Some are ensuring public safety from behind the scenes, constantly
viewing security footage through cameras and monitors. This is especially useful in retail
locations where shoplifting is a concern. Monitoring the premises still allows security guards to
address any issues right away without the criminals being aware and planning a quick escape.
Emergency Situation Management
Professional and licensed security guards are specifically trained to handle emergency
circumstances, and should know how to react to different dangerous situations, such as
armed robbery and physical safety threats from intoxicated individuals. Additionally, security
guards can be trained for a variety of certifications, including legally carrying firearms,
handling batons and pepper spray, providing first-aid care, and performing CPR. You can
hire security guards that are trained in all these specialized and useful areas as ways to
keep your place of business extra safe!
One phone call to Florida State Guard can offer you and your customers the peace of mind
you need in order to feel relaxed and comfortable in your workplace or residence. You can
even request background checks of potential hires to verify their credentials and
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