About Us
Whether protecting your assets, maintaining a safe environment for your family or staff,
or minimising the risk of expensive litigation, security and investigation is an essential
and invaluable aspect of your business.
Florida State Guard Security Services was established to pioneer industry reform, with a vision of a
company that values the relationships with clients and team members ahead of profits. Our goal is to
provide a quality service to an industry where this focus has often been neglected. This simple principle
has given Florida State Guard Services a competitive edge in this industry, and built long lasting
relationships with our clients that work with us to exceed their expectations.
Quality for us means recruiting the best people in the
business. From the newest of team members through to
our senior management team, Florida State Guard
recognises that people are our business and actively
operate based on these values. This means paying the
best wages, building strong working relationships,
supporting a team based culture, continues training and
most importantly, acting with integrity.
Testament to this is our growth purely by ‘word of mouth’
referrals. A good sales and marketing campaign can
create a perception of quality; however a genuine referral
by a satisfied client is the only true reflection of the
services provided.

Looking forward, Florida State Guard is expanding its
operations into alarm monitoring, becoming one of the
leading providers of security in the state, giving you the
satisfaction of dealing with a truly reliable company.
Our vision, values and performance have made Florida
State Guard one of the most sought after firms.
Entrusting us with your security & investigation needs will
deliver you complete peace of mind.
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